A4 label

Art No.: BA005


Standard blank non-cutting A4 (297*210) paper size, self-cutting, size determined by you, a package of 100:

A4 light powder writing (coarse, sub) surface adhesive paper, A4 color adhesive paper, A4 kraft paper, A4 fluorescent adhesive paper, A4 dry adhesive paper cut pieces, (white transparent PVC, various colors of PVC, synthetic paper, silver dragon, portable adhesive) and other non-stickers, welcome to inquire!

Performance: After repeated tests and comparisons, according to the performance of label paper, raw materials are strictly selected. The surface of the label paper is mirror copper plate paper, which has a strong surface finish, a thin back and a thickness similar to that of ordinary printing paper. It is easy to peel because of its strong stickiness, high die-cutting accuracy and easy to peel off. Use convenience without waste, win the popularity of consumers.

Scope of application:

1. This product is suitable for inkjet printer/laser printer/photocopier.

2. Applicable to all units and individuals requiring various labels. It is the seller who opens the shop and labels the package. Mail delivery is necessary for factory and mining enterprises to classify and label products. Tagging. Packing. The best choice of distribution;

Matters needing attention:

1. Users buy according to the size of the label they need to use.

2. Yellow base is base liner, which can't be printed. White glossy surface is use surface.

3. Continuous printing should not exceed 50 sheets. In order to avoid the influence of heating on the normal operation of the machine, the machine should be shut down for 30 minutes and continue to use after the standby parts cool down.

4. One box is not used up, and the rest of the printing paper should be sealed to avoid damp deformation.

5. When printing, the position of the adhesive printing paper must be placed accurately to prevent printing deviation. 



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