Medical Wristband

Art No.: BA004


Provide various styles of identification wristband, baby identification wristband, adult identification wristband, mother and child identification wristband, wristband, ticket wristband, medical identification wristband, ticket wristband, exhibition wristband, assembly advertising wristband, disposable wristband, amusement park entrance wristband, divided into people and children. Widely used in rallies, hospitals, parts, bars, competitions, etc.

Medical wristband, also known as medical identification belt, is a kind of wristband, mainly used in the medical field. Medical wristband can provide patient identification information. It is the latest page content item required by the Ministry of Health. Its contents include: name, sex, bed number, hospitalization number and other special medical information. It is mainly an effective tool for hospital to identify patients. All kinds of medical products on the market have the characteristics of simple use, firm buttons, not easy to fall off, comfortable wear, various colors, novel and beautiful styles, which are widely used in hospitals of all sizes. Especially for the elderly, young, seriously ill, surgical patients and patients with self-expression disorders, and to prevent the occurrence of infant theft, baby exchange events, avoid the shortage of bedside card.



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