Synthetic paper label

Art No.: BA002


Synthetic paper, formerly known as chemical film paper, polymer paper and so on, is a new type of plastic paper, which uses macromolecule compounds as the main raw material and adopts certain processing methods and production processes. Its products are similar in appearance to ordinary cellulose paper and have better performance than lignocellulose paper. Because it has both the properties of traditional paper and the characteristics of plastics, and can also solve the problems of forest harvesting, water resources, pollution of "three wastes", it is known as "environmental paper". After the product was put into the market, it has been vigorously promoted and supported by the government. Practice has proved that synthetic paper has more advantages than ordinary paper (plant fiber) in mechanical strength, water resistance and printing adaptability. Therefore, synthetic paper as a substitute for some ordinary paper will become a trend.

Synthetic paper has a wide range of uses, mainly in the following areas: First, in printing and publishing, synthetic paper can print water-resistant newspapers, books, maps, business cards, calendars and posters, which seems to be more ideal; Second, in commercial packaging, it is more prominent, such as high-end gift bags, high-end clothing bags, exquisite shopping bags. Light packaging containers (boxes) and so on, especially for commodity labels, such as ring cans labels, sticker labels, etc., which are suitable for automatic labeling; third, in building decoration, synthetic paper can be used to make color veneer of raw paper, wallpaper, etc., also can be used for furniture veneer; fourth, other aspects, such as the emergence of fit-in in in some countries now. Paper tickets, delivery tickets, poker, kites, etc.



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