Cable label

Art No.: CA002


P-type, T-type, F-type sticker cable labels, cable and wire labels, mainly coiled cable and wire labels, covered cable and wire labels, transparent cable and wire labels, SBPlus labels, SBPlus cable labels, wire and cable labeling system, thermal shrinkage labeling sleeve, labeling sleeve, thermal shrinkage labeling label. Casing, cable marking heat shrinkable casing, marking heat shrinkable pipe, etc. Cable label is mainly used for cables, equipment, listing, frame, outdoor optical transit box cables, perforated equipment, outdoor advertising tags and so on. Advantages of cable label: high temperature resistance, waterproof, tear resistance, long-term preservation, anti-oil stain, non-warping, smooth and delicate surface material, thin adhesive layer, non-overflow glue, no damage to printers, smooth printing, clear handwriting.



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