Fruit label

Art No.: AA002


Fresh fruit and vegetable products are labeled with food safety adhesives, which meet the requirements of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) 21CFR 175.105 adhesives and European Bfr (Federal Risk Assessment Institute) XVI for direct contact with food. Adhesives designed to be suitable for the surface of various fruits and vegetables can be easily coped with by either a smooth waxy skin (apple) or a rough, hairy skin (kiwifruit). Excellent viscosity and adhesiveness, non-toxic adhesives which can directly contact food, provide a guarantee for the safety of fruits and vegetables. In addition to food-grade standard adhesives, the series of labels also upgraded the functionality of the facial materials according to the particularity of fruit and vegetable products. The film after corona treatment has excellent printability and maintains good appearance after the label contacts with water or humidity, which ensures that the label information of fresh agricultural products can be read even in humid environment.



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