zebra GK888T

Art No.: GK888T


Zebra value-added GK888 desktop printer can provide excellent performance and reliability, suitable for all kinds of medium and low volume printing applications. The printer uses a space-saving design, uses a powerful 32-bit processor, which can print labels quickly, supports simplified and traditional Chinese fonts, and has large memory capacity. It can achieve more picture storage, longer label format and faster processing. The device also supports both EPL () and a powerful ZPL < programming language.


Government organs

Healthcare industry

manufacturing industry

Consumer goods


Service industry

Transportation and Logistics Industry

Be used for

asset management

Cross delivery

Document and record management

Inventory management

Laboratory sample tracking

Receiving / shipping

Reverse logistics

Return goods

WIP tracking

Compliance label


Information label

Medical record label

Order labels

Photo processing Label

Prescription label

Price tag


Printing specifications

Resolution: 203 DPI (8/mm)


Standard: 8 MB SDRAM; 8 MB flash memory

Maximum print width: 4.09 inches/104mm

Print Length: 39 inches (991 mm)

Printing speed: 4 inches (102 millimeters)/second

Medium Sensor Reflective Type: Penetrating Type

Dielectric properties

Maximum Label and Backing Width 4.25 inches

(108 mm)

Minimum Label and Backing Width 1.00 inches

(25.4 mm)

Medium-adapted guides, 0.585 inches

(15 mm)

Maximum label and backing length 39 inches

(991 mm)

Maximum dielectric coil diameter 5 inches (127 mm)

Core diameter 1.0 inches (25.4 mm) and 1.5

Inch (38mm)

The dielectric thickness ranges from 0.003 inches (0.8mm) to 0.007 inches.

Inch (0.18mm)



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