How to Use Labels in Low Temperature Environment

Dec 13 , 2018

Ordinary paper labels will be affected by moisture in the air, coupled with temperature changes in the morning and evening, as a result of repeated action, will produce deformation and warpage phenomenon, while low-temperature resistant stickers can withstand extreme temperature and temperature changes, such labels use special stickers, can withstand extreme temperature, specially for use. All cryopreservation applications, including liquid nitrogen, cryopreservation and cryopreservation, are also suitable for most incubation processes.

Especially in the winter, cold and humid weather is a severe test for the quality of labels. What effect will the use of self-adhesive labels in the environment of tens of degrees below zero? What kind of labels should be used?

The environmental characteristics of cold storage are high humidity and low temperature. If common label is used in cold storage, it is easy to deform, wrinkle and fall off. And there are many kinds of packaging forms for items in cold storage. The label selected in such an environment must have good moisture-proof and low temperature resistance.

There are many kinds of base glue for labels. The labels in cold storage must use low temperature glue.

If the label is affixed at room temperature and then put in the cold storage, then the label's face paper should be selected with a certain degree of flexibility.

Because the packaging of articles may be ordinary paper packaging or nylon bag packaging, different material labels can be selected according to the need. It is recommended that a short trial period be followed by a final determination of whether a material is to be used.

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